Useful information about Kyrgyzstan

According to the Constitution the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) is a sovereign democratic republic based on the principles of a legal secular state with its own territory and Constitution.
Kyrgyzstan has its own Flag, State Emblem and National Anthem.
The State language is Kyrgyz, and Russian is an official language, used in commerce and inter-ethnic communication.
According to the Constitution, the State is represented and its authority is exercised by: the President of the Kyrgyz Republic; the Jogorku Kenesh (or Parliament); the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and Local State Administrations; and of course the court system which comprises of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, other Courts and Judges.
The President, Members of the Parliament and Local Administrations are all elected by citizens of the country, over the age of 18, in general, free, equal, direct and secret ballots.
Political parties, professional and public associations can freely be established in the country.
Various forms of property, including private property, are recognized and protected.
Human rights and fundamental freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution in accordance with universally recognized principles of international law and intergovernmental agreements on human rights ratified by the Kyrgyz Republic.
According to the Constitution, the Army is established for the purpose of self-defence.
Kyrgyzstan is striving for a just and lasting peace, for mutually advantageous cooperation, peaceful settlement of global and religious problems and respect for the universal principles of international law.
The country is an equal member of authoritative international organizations such as the UN, OSCE, WHO, WTO, the IMF, the World Bank, the ADB and others.
Kyrgyzstan has diplomatic relations with 70 countries, including: the USA, the Russian Federation, China, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Turkey and many others.

Population: The population of Kyrgyzstan is about 5 mln. people. Kyrgyz – 52%, Russian – 22%, Uzbek – 13%, also there are such nationalities as Ukraine, Douche, Tatar, in total there are over 80 nationalities living in Kyrgyzstan. Densely populated areas are industrial areas: Chui valley, Ferganian plains of Osh and Jalalabad regions. In mountainous regions density of population is not high.

Time: Time of Kyrgyzstan is in ahead of Greenwich time for 6 hours and of Moscow – in winter period for 3 hours and in summer period for 2 hours.
Official holidays (non-working days):
•    1 January – New Year Day
•    7 January – Orthodox Christmas
•    23 February – Motherland defender Day
•    8 March – International Women Day
•    21 March – Nooruz (Vernal Equinox Day)
•    1 May – International Labor Day
•    5 May – Constitution Day
•    9 May – Victory Day
•    31 August – Independence Day
•    Moslem holidays – Orozo Ayt and Kurman Ayt determined annually by lunar calendar are also non-working days.

Currency: Som (KGS) = 100 tyiyn, 1 USD = 48 soms (April, 2013). Almost all banks accept cards of international payment systems like Visa/Master Card, American Express and etc. A lot of stores and services also accept international payment cards.